Dear Delegates and Advisors,

Welcome to YMUNT VII! My name is Gregory Jany, and I am so delighted to welcome you to Yale Model United Nations Taiwan. Each year, our team has worked hard to foster a dynamic and fully immersive Model UN experience, encouraging our delegates to tackle and negotiate all-encompassing solutions for the most complex problems facing our society. We are immensely excited to return to Taipei this coming March, and look forward to hosting you all for the best conference experience to date!

For the past six years, it has been our great pleasure to bring together the world’s brightest minds and engage our delegates in fast-paced, highly intellectual, and stimulating conversations. We hope to build off of that great momentum and seek to expose our delegates to a robust, premier Model UN experience. Just last March, students from all over the world joined minds to respond to pressing world issues, from solving challenges ranging from cryptocurrency regulation and human rights, to drafting an Israeli-Palestinian agreement.

As we move into our seventh iteration of YMUN Taiwan, our goal is to ensure that a diversity of thought and experiences are brought to the table—both in the issues that we discuss and the delegates we attract—to make for a more enriching conversation. From small crisis committees to larger General Assembly discussions, offered at a variety of experience levels, we aim to ensure to all voices are heard. Outside of our committees, YMUNT aims to round out the educational experience with a diverse range of panels and workshops hosted by our Yale team. To extend engagement before our conference, delegates will also have exclusive access to our Online Training Program, featuring over an hour of video educational content produced by our team. As always, our first priority is to provide an enriching educational experience for all of our delegates, at any skill or experience level.

Look forward to more conference updates as our team works hard to curate the conference experience for the upcoming year. I encourage you all to register as soon as possible in order to secure a seat for our conference and to stay in close touch with our team. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me at ymunt.secgen@yira.org.

Thank you so much for your interest and continued support of Yale Model United Taiwan, and I sincerely hope to meet you all in the spring. Again, welcome to YMUNT!


Gregory Jany
Secretary General
Yale Model United Nations Taiwan VII

Latest updates

1. Registration is now open for all interested delegations! Please email ymunt.delegations@yira.org if you have any questions regarding registration.

2. Committee topic guides can be found under the committees section. Additional resources and our new Online Training Program can be found in the resources tab!

3. YMUNT VI will be located at a premier academic venue in the heart of Taipei, the GIS National Taiwan University Convention Center!

4. This iteration of the conference will feature UNA-USA procedure for all committees.