The Secretariat

Ben Wang, Secretary-General                                  

Ben is a junior in Branford College returning for his third year of YMUN Taiwan. He has been involved in Model UN since his freshman year of high school, and is excited to complete his model UN career as the Secretary General of the conference. In YIRA, Ben has fulfilled a number of conference roles in YMUN, SCSY, and YMUN Taiwan. Outside of Model UN, Ben is currently studying and being overwhelmed by biomedical engineering and economics. He can be seen on campus working on a small biotechnology startup called Simplex Sciences, doing photography, and gorging on food. Ben is looking forward to making YMUN Taiwan V the best it has ever been. Feel free to reach out to him at

Kevin Zhen, Director-General of Administration

Kevin is a sophomore in Ezra Stiles College. He is originally from Miami, Florida, but went to a boarding school in Exeter, New Hampshire, so he’s accustomed to New England winters. Kevin’s passions are creative writing, traveling and breakdancing. This will be Kevin's second year in YMUN Taiwan and he’s extremely excited to return to Taiwna's boba and fried chicken, and to meet all the wonderful delegates attending the conference! In addition to YMUN Taiwan, Kevin is also heavily involved with breakdancing and technical work on campus. You can reach him at

Hanah Lee, Director-General of Committees

Hailing from sunny Arcadia, California, Hanah is a sophomore in Silliman College and a prospective Global Affairs or Political Science and Economics double major. A die-hard YIRA fan, Hanah has also worked on the past secretariats of SCSY, YMUN, IRSY, and YMUN China. Outside of spending most of her waking time with YIRA and its constituent conferences, Hanah also loves to work alongside her fabulous friends in the Asian American Students Alliance, Korean American Students at Yale, Yale Undergraduate Diversified Investments, and Design at Yale. In her spare time, you can usually catch her binge watching rom-coms, napping, or trying to find awesome places to eat! Contact Hanah at


Alina Glaubitz, USG of Delegations

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Alina is half German, half Russian by nationality and currently lives in the Netherlands. Having graduated from UWC Atlantic College where she served on the MUN Secretariat, she is thrilled to be continuing her MUN career at Yale. A seasoned traveller enchanted by Taiwan, Alina is honored to be serving as USG of Delegations at YMUNT. As an aspiring lawyer, Alina also researches human rights abuses, particularly sexual and gender-based crimes, and works with a local legal clinic to facilitate U-Visa applications. Aside from her professional interests, she loves to ice-skate, to dance (whenever, wherever), and eat gargantuan amounts of mango. Please do not hesitate to reach out to Alina at

George Tang, USG of Business and Conference

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George (Shao-chi) is a first-year in Branford College, and is a prospective economics and film studies major. He hails from Taipei, Taiwan, the city with objectively the best metro system in the world. At Yale, he is involved in club swimming, magic society, YIRA, Taiwanese american society, poker club, and bulldog productions, all of which he is extremely passionate about. As a returning delegate of YMUNT, George couldn’t be more excited to hold this conference in his hometown, surrounded by its beautiful sceneries, passionate residents, and most importantly, mouthwatering cuisines. Please feel free to reach out to him at

Sarina Xu, USG of Outreach                                

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My name is Sarina Xu and I am delighted to welcome you to the Yale MUN Taiwan V! To introduce myself, I’m currently a sophomore in Pierson College and I’m double majoring in Statistics & Data Science and Global Affairs. This conference is my first YMUN conference. However, beyond my involvement in this, I’m also the Co-founder and Corporate Head of The Urban Philanthropic Fund, Publicity Director of Yale’s political publication called The Yale Politic, a member of the Alpine Ski Team, and a volunteer at Camp Kesem. Last summer, as a recipient of the Richard U. Light Fellowship, I studied abroad in Beijing to become fluent in Mandarin. Contact her at

Jason Hu, USG of Committees

My name is Jason Hu, and I am very excited to be chairing the The Third Committee of the United Nations at the fifth annual Yale Model United Nations Taiwan conference. I am a junior at Yale, and I am majoring in psychology on the neuroscience track. I am also apart of Yale’s Education Studies Scholar program. In addition to being apart of the Yale International Relations Association (the parent organization of YMUNT), I participate in student government, do graphic designer for several publications on campus, tutor various subjects, and do psychology research. Feel free to reach out to him at with any questions or concerns.

Michael Borger, Director

A sophomore in Silliman College, Michael is excited to serve as a director for YMUNT. He is a Global Affairs major at Yale studying development and human rights. Having split his life between a suburban town in New Jersey and the Brazilian city of São Paulo, he knows how to get a proper night’s rest on red-eyes. Highlights of his YIRA career include serving as a Director General for SCSY, USG of Regional Bodies for YMUN, USG General of Conference for IRSY, and USG for YMUN-China; teaching international relations in Hemispheres; and working as YIRA Secretary on the Executive Board. In his free-time, he runs a coffee shop! Reach him at

Eujin Jang, Director

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Eujin Jang is a sophomore in Silliman College originally from Atlanta, GA, but now living in Boston, MA. She is interested in pursuing a major in Economics and Mathematics. Besides YMUN Taiwan, Eujin has served on the secretariats of several other YIRA conferences including YMUN, YMUN Korea, Yale Model Government Europe, and the International Relations Symposium at Yale. On campus, she is also involved in Elmseed Enterprise Fund, Dwight Hall Socially Responsible Investment Fund, and Yale College Council. In her free time, she is a huge enthusiast of basketball, hip-hop, and good food. Eujin is excited to serve as a YMUNT Director and meet delegates from all over the world. Feel free to contact her at


Gregory Jany, Director

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Gregory is a first-year student in Jonathan Edwards College. He hails from the diverse, tropical archipelago of Indonesia, where he competed in parliamentary debate, moot court, and Model UN, both domestically and internationally. Gregory is excited to take part in YMUN Taiwan as Director for the Advisory Legal Panel to the ICC. Besides YMUNT V, he has been involved with SCSY and YMUN. On campus, Gregory also writes for The Politic and enjoys getting iced coffee at New Haven’s various coffee shops. He is beyond excited to meet all the delegates and get to know them over boba! You can reach out to Gregory at