The Secretariat

Gregory Jany, Secretary-General                         


Hailing from the diverse archipelago of Indonesia, Gregory is a junior at Yale. He is double majoring in Economics and History. Besides serving as the Secretary General for YMUN Taiwan VII, he has also been involved with other YIRA conferences, such as the Specialized and Crisis Simulation at Yale, Yale Model Government Europe, and Yale Model United Nations. On campus, Gregory founded the Indonesia Yale Association and loves to engage with the Southeast Asian community. He enjoys spending his Saturday mornings at New Haven's various cafés and is constantly on the hunt for aesthetic study spaces. He is beyond excited to meet all the delegates and get to know them over boba! You can reach out to Gregory at

Annie Fang, Director-General of Operations


Annie is a sophomore in Jonathan Edwards college majoring in Economics. She was born in Taipei, Taiwan, but grew up in Shanghai, China, and she holds both cities close to heart. Within YIRA, Annie currently serves on the secretariats of Yale Model United Nations and Yale Model United Nations Korea. She is also involved with Smart Women Securities and plans XWeek, a program that brings Chinese high school students to experience college life at Yale. When she's not in the library, you can find Annie watching korean dramas, drinking green smoothies, grocery shopping, or listening to old songs. She's so excited to come home this March and can't wait to meet all of you!

Chase Finney Director-General of Committees


Chase is a sophomore in Saybrook College hailing from about thirty minutes north of Miami in sunny South Florida. She is a prospective Global Affairs major. Besides serving as the Director-General of Committees, she is also involved with other YIRA conferences such as the Security Council Simulation at Yale and Yale Model United Nations. Outside of YIRA, she is on the board of the Black Solidarity Conference, a senator in Yale College Council, and a member of a sketch comedy group. You can catch Chase in her free time watching lots of comedy TV shows, drinking chai lattes, or exploring New Haven. She couldn’t be more excited to help organize YMUNT VII! You can reach Chase at

Brian Liu, USG of Delegations                                


Brian is a sophomore in Pauli Murray College interested in majoring in Statistics and Data Science. He spent much of his childhood in Fuzhou, China before moving to New York at the age of ten. On campus, Brian is involved with the Taiwanese-American Society, Urban Philanthropic Fund, and Yale Precision Marching Band. When he is not working, you can find him spending time with friends, playing alto saxophone at football games, or eating his way through all the local restaurants. He is incredibly excited about his first MUN conference in Asia, and if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to him at!

Lillie Horton, USG of Business and Conference


Lillie Horton is a sophomore born and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She is planning to major in Political Science and appreciates the opportunity that YIRA affords her to combine international politics with her love of teaching. Beyond YIRA, Lillie is also involved with Matriculate advising, Student Tech Collaborative and the occasional theater production on campus. She can otherwise be found trying to hone her baking skills either by watching baking shows, baking for her friends, or both simultaneously. She cannot wait to meet all of the delegates at the conference! Please do not hesitate to reach out to her at with any questions.

Tasnim Islam, USG of Outreach                                


Tasnim is a sophomore at Grace Hopper College and is a prospective Global Affairs major. Although she has spent most of her life in Connecticut, Tasnim still cannot stand the cold weather and yearns for the climate of Bangladesh, where her family is from. At Yale, Tasnim is involved with the Lowenstein Project for Human Rights, works at the Macmillan Center, and is hugely connected with the Yale Muslim Students Association. Her involvement with YIRA started last year when she became an editor for the Yale Review of International Studies, and this year she is super excited to become more involved with YIRA by being a part of YMUN and YMUNT. In her free time, you can catch Tasnim on her phone laughing at memes or lying in a hammock soaking up as much sun as possible before the harsh winter of CT arrives. Tasnim is so excited to meet all of the delegates, and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to email her at

Sofia Godoy, USG of Committees


Sofia is a first-year in Saybrook College. Originally from sunny South Florida, she is excited to experience legitimate changes in seasons in New Haven. She hopes to major in Global Affairs and participate in Yale’s Multidisciplinary Academic Program in Human Rights. Outside of academics, Sofia is involved with First-Year Class Council, Yale Dems, MEChA, and three other Model UN conferences (YMUN, SCSY, NHSMUN). In her free time, she can be found sipping on a chai latte at a hipster coffee shop, playing Scrabble, or listening to some good Indie music. Sofia looks forward to meeting you! If you have any committee-related questions, you can reach her at

Ashley Fan, Director


Ashley is a sophomore from Orange County, California. She is planning to double major in Political Science and East Asian Studies, and is most interested in studying journalism and cross-strait relations. On campus, she is involved with the Chinese American Students Association and the Yale Daily News Magazine. She spent last summer studying Chinese at National Taiwan University, where she fell in love with Taiwanese mangoes and indie bands. She is so excited to return to Taipei and meet all the delegates! 

Luka Gawlinski Silva, Director


Luka is a first-year in Grace Hopper College. He was born in Austin, Texas, but has since moved intercontinentally seven times, living in places like Brazil and Singapore. He most likely plans on majoring in Global Affairs or EPE (Ethics, Politics, & Economics) with a certificate in Human Rights. On campus, Luka swims for the Club Swim team, works for the library, plans other MUN conferences like this one, writes for The Yale Globalist and Yale Journal of Human Rights, and is part of the Lowenstein Human Rights Project and Yale’s climate action organization, Green. At any given moment he is caffeinated and most likely listening to Lorde or Lizzo. He learned to love MUN and international affairs as a delegate at Brazil MUN, and is ridiculously excited to share this passion with his delegates at YMUNT.

Eamonn Sullivan, Director


Eamonn Sullivan is a sophomore prospective Global Affairs major at Yale University. He is from Connecticut and has lived there his entire life. During high school Eamonn competed in many MUN tournaments and decided that he’d rather be on the administrative side of things in college. Most of his extracurricular activities at Yale revolve around the Yale International Relations Association, such as being on the secretariat for Yale Model United Nations (YMUN), teaching international relations to local New Haven high school students through the Hemispheres program, or being a director for YMUNT!


Eda Uzunlar, Director

Eda (1).jpg

Eda is a sophomore in Davenport College and is extremely excited to be a director for YMUNT this year. She grew up in Rapid City, South Dakota, and spent her childhood summers with her family in Turkey. She plans on majoring in Global Affairs and participating in Yale’s Education Studies program. When she isn’t working on YMUNT, the she’s either teaching parliamentary debate to the community’s high school students, training students to become radio show hosts for the Yale Broadcasting Company, or working at one of her many jobs on campus, or drawing comics to procrastinate her homework. Please feel free to reach out to her at!