The Secretariat

The following is the YMUNT VI team. This page will be updated in the coming months.

Hanah Lee, Secretary-General                         


Hailing from sunny Arcadia, California, Hanah Lee is a junior at Yale and is double majoring in Global Affairs and Ethics, Politics, and Economics. A die-hard fan of the Yale International Relations Association, Hanah joined the YIRA community without any Model UN experience—but quickly fell in love with YIRA. Besides serving as the Secretary-General of YMUN Taiwan, Hanah has also worked on the Secretariats of other YIRA conferences, such as YMUN, SCSY, IRSY, YMUN China, and YMUN Korea. Hanah also loves to work alongside her fabulous friends in the Asian American Students Alliance. She also has an eclectic bunch of unhealthy obsessions, from donuts to UK parliamentary politics (Question Time, anyone?). In her spare time, you can usually catch her binge watching rom-coms, napping, or serving up lattes at the Silliman Acorn Cafe! You can contact Hanah at

Gregory Jany, Director-General of Administration


Gregory is a sophomore hailing from the diverse, tropical archipelago of Indonesia. He is planning to double major in Economics and History. Besides serving as the Director-General of Administration for YMUNT VI, he is also involved with other YIRA conferences, such as the Security Crisis Simulation at Yale and Yale Model Government Europe. On campus, Gregory also leads the Indonesia Yale Association, and he is a Tobin Research Assistant for the Economics Department and the Yale School of Management. He enjoys spending his Saturday mornings at New Haven's various cafés and is constantly on the hunt for aesthetic study spaces. He is beyond excited to meet all the delegates and get to know them over boba! You can reach out to Gregory at

George Tang, Director-General of Committees


George Shao-chi Tang III is a sophomore in Branford College, and is a prospective economics and political science major. He was born and raised in the beautiful city of Taipei, Taiwan. At Yale, he is involved in the magic society, club swimming, YIRA, Taiwanese american society, poker club, and bulldog productions, all of which he is extremely passionate about. As a returning delegate of YMUNT, George couldn’t be more excited to hold this conference in his hometown, surrounded by its beautiful sceneries, passionate residents, and most importantly, mouth-watering cuisines.

Elif Şimşek, USG of Delegations                                


Elif Şimşek is a first-year student in Yale College from İstanbul, Turkey. She aspires to major in Economics or Global Affairs. Elif is passionate about public policy making, so in the future, she hopes to actively contribute to Turkey's inner politics. From the fun side, in her free time, Elif enjoy going on long walks, exploring the city she is in and also chases cafes and dining places with bohemian edges. Elif is a passionate New Yorker reader and an ICJ enthusiast. She would love to talk to you about anything before, during and after the conference. Feel free to reach her at

Annie Fang, USG of Business and Conference


Annie is a first-year in Jonathan Edwards college. Originally from Taipei, Taiwan, she moved to Shanghai, China, at the age of 4 and has since then spent much of her time traveling between the two cities. She plans on double majoring in Statistics and Data Science and Sociology. On campus, Annie is involved with The Yale Globalist, Jonathan Edwards College Council, Danceworks, Women’s Leadership Initiative, Taiwanese-American Society, and YMUN. A former delegate of YMUN China, Annie is more than thrilled to be organizing a conference  in her favorite part of the world - East Asia!

Shawn Thacker, USG of Outreach                                


Shawn Thacker is a first-year student in Jonathan Edwards College at Yale and is a interested in majoring in Global Affairs and Economics. Although born in the United States, Shawn spent his formative years living between Iowa City Nepal’s capital, Kathmandu. He loves traveling and learning languages and can’t wait to practice his Chinese in the night markets of Taipei. On campus Shawn is involved with the Yale Undergraduate Legal Aid Association, the Jonathan Edwards College Council, YMUN and a North Korean human rights advocacy group called ThiNK. During his free time Shawn can be found frequenting New Haven’s coffee shops or procrastinating in Sterling Memorial Library. Shawn is looking forward to meeting all of the delegates at YMUNT and if you have any questions do not hesitate to reach out to him at

Joon Lee, USG of Committees


Joon is a first-year in Branford College who hails from San Diego, California and was born in Seoul, South Korea. He plans to pursue a double major in Mathematics and EP&E (Ethics, Politics, and Economics) in the hopes of one day working at the intersection of tech and policy. On campus, he is involved with other YIRA bodies such as SCSY and YMUN, the Math and Computer Science Societies, various publications, and the Quizbowl team.

Ornella Bayigamba, Director

Ornella Bayigamba is a sophomore majoring in chemical engineering from Kigali, Rwanda. During her childhood, she spent most days watching either Japanese anime, French cartoons, or American tv shows with her family. Multiculturalism has always been a large emphasis in her home, and she hopes to share her experience with and appreciation for diverse backgrounds to the committee room. She is unbelievable excited to serve as a Director for YMUNT V! One of the most fun activities she takes part in on campus is Hemispheres, where she gets to teach international relations to High School students in New Haven, Connecticut. She also enjoys being a Engineering Tour Guide, working in her residential college, Pauli Murray (MY), buttery—affectionately called the MY BUTT—, finding any excuse to eat new foods, and painting when she is free. She looks forward to meeting all of you!

Sean Callahan, Director


Sean Callahan was born in San Francisco, California but has lived in Kailua, Hawaii for the past twelve years. Sean is a first-year in Jonathan Edwards College at Yale. He does not yet know what he wants to major in, but is considering majors in the social sciences and humanities. Sean loves to travel and spent the second semester of his junior year studying abroad in Yunnan, China. Sean’s time in Hawaii meant that he got to do lots of hiking and spend tons of time at the beach.

Minahil Nawaz, Director


Minahil is a sophomore in Timothy Dwight College at Yale. Originally from Lahore, Pakistan, she is a prospective Global Affairs and Film & Media Studies major. She is involved in various programs of the Yale International Relations Association, as well as Yalies for Pakistan. While Minahil spends most of her free time napping, she also loves to travel, Instagram pictures of food, and procrastinate! Minahil is very excited for YMUNT, and can’t wait to meet delegates from around the world in Taipei!


Henry Ziemer, Director


Henry is a sophomore in Silliman College. Originally from Minneapolis Minnesota, Henry is a prospective double major in Global Affairs and History. On campus, Henry is involved with Hemispheres, a student group that teaches international relations to New Haven high school students and writes for the Yale Review of International Studies. He also loves dancing, writing science fiction and has a more than healthy affinity for caramel macchiatos from Starbucks. At YMUNT Henry will be chairing the UN Human Rights Council which will be dealing with the regulation of autonomous weapons and the protection of migrant children. He is thrilled to meet all of YMUNT’s amazing delegates and engage in some fun, exciting and thought-provoking debate.