Resource Documents

Please find below resource documents that may be useful as you prepare for the conference in March. Topic guides can be found in the committees section!

sample position paper

Delegates will write position papers for their Country in the Committee that they have signed up for. Position papers will be due to their Committee Directors by email by March 8th to receive feedback from your Chair or by the end of the first committee session on March 15th to qualify for committee awards. Please email your Committee Director (email found in the Committee Topic Guide) if you have any questions. 

sample resolution

Delegates will write resolutions during committee sessions throughout the conference. While delegates are welcome to practice writing resolutions ahead of time, no pre-written resolutions are allowed during the conference. Rather, delegates are encouraged to work in Resolution Groups with fellow students in order to craft a unified and impactful resolution. 

UNA-USA procedure flowchart

This flowchart is designed as a loose guide for delegates to familiarize them with the procedure ahead of the conference. This is meant to be a supplement to our Online Training Program, including our Mock Committee Video. 

glossary of terms

This is a list of terms, including motions and points, that are commonly used during Model UN committees, regardless of the type of procedure that is being used (UNA-USA Procedure).


This simulation video will give you a better idea of how YMUN Procedure works in committee. If you have any questions about procedure, please feel free to reach out to