Delegates registered for the Online Training Program will receive an invitation email from Eliademy, our online training program platform, in order to sign up for an account and complete the Training Program.

YMUN Taiwan is proud to call itself an educational conference, and we strive to make our conference accessible and engaging to delegates with experience levels across the spectrum. One of the ways we work toward this goal is aiming to ensure that each delegate enters our conference with a concrete understanding of how to succeed within a model UN conference. To that end, we are happy to announce the return of our pre-conference online delegate training program. 

Our program - which will run on the interactive educational website Eliademy - will equip delegates with research and public speaking skills, and teach our streamlined YMUN procedure. Beginner delegates will leave the program with the knowledge they need to compete at their first model UN conference, while more advanced delegates will have the opportunity to engage with material covering higher-order techniques, such as crisis committees and impromptu debate. Yale students will directly engage every delegate through videos, interactive assignments and webinars, all while tracking delegates' progress and providing feedback to ensure an invigorating conference experience across the board. We strongly encourage every delegate to complete the online training program, upon which a certificate of completion will be awarded.

The program is available free of charge to all delegates registered for YMUNT VI.